Hello world!

Hello,  Pip here.  I am writing my first ever blog post for Pippiknit.  Welcome to my site.  I am a avid knitter and crocheter,  a mother, a wife, a nurse, and an acupuncturist.  I have a small handmade knit business, for which this site is dedicated.   My knitted goods are bright, colourful and full of character!  I love accessories, especially those that work hard to make a plain outfit shine!  In this blog,  I aim to post pictures of my new work,  muse about inspirational things that make me tick and, generally have fun.  I live in Exeter, Devon and am inspired by the rolling countryside of the county in which I live and my native home Scotland,  which has a rich heritage of knitting and wool production.  I hope you enjoy my blog.


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